About Me!

Hi, my name is Jodie from the West Midlands, UK.


I thought I would start a blog so I can keep a log of my makes, images and the nitty gritty details. I also hope to be able to help others along the way by including the details that I was looking for as a beginner.

I am 28 years young but I act 65, I am a serious kind of person that is trying to loosen up a little.

I am a pear shaped lady who is on a mission to make my own clothes. I have been sewing for a year now and have enjoyed the process so far, along with, learning new skills and making new friends in the sewing world. Since I have started to sew and understand my body shape, what suits me & what doesn’t, I have started to be more open to colour in my wardrobe too, most of the colours I have brought are still as a piece of fabric but I have plans for what I am going to make with them.pear-body-shape

How I got into sewing
I loved doing cross stitch with my mom as a child but we both lost our creativity.
After leaving school I studied beauty therapy for 2 years and worked in one of the top 10 Salons in the West Midlands… I then went on to be a mortgage adviser for a year and now work for an electricity company and have done for the past 10 years!!

While working full time I also studied Interior Design & Curtains, blinds and soft furnishings, completing at diploma level and this is where the love for sewing started again. I started making soft furnishings for personal use and thought it would be nice to make a baking themed gift for a family member’s birthday, they do like to bake, (Apron, oven gloves and bowl cover) I then looked into making kitchen textiles for businesses that were figure flattering, fun and personalised but the sewing started to feel like a chore and not be enjoyable anymore so I put this on hold and started making clothes for myself. I am so glad I made that decision because I now love sewing again and my mom is jumping on the band wagon too!!

I felt like I didn’t know what I wanted to do, with my random studies, but a guy at work pointed out to me that they are very similar, How? You like making everything beautiful! someone or something…. and  I smiled.

apron(One of my figure flattering aprons, More in ‘Jodie Laura Designs’)

I have been with my fiancé for nearly 14 years but we only got engaged last year 2015!!  We brought a house (a do’er upper) 3 years ago which I have thoroughly enjoyed designing.

I love interior design, sewing, yoga, walking, I have just started to learn how to knit. Yay!!, spreadsheets (sado!!) being organised and  I don’t really like T.V.

Thank you for stopping by my page, I hope you continue to follow my journey also feel free to comment and ask me questions. x


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