Beach romper & dress

Designer: Newlook Pattern: 6291 View B & C
Type of fabric: Cotton
Amount of fabric used: Sorry never made a note of this
Notions I used: Thread, 1 pack double folded Bias binding  (1/2″ / 1.3cm wide), 1m x Elastic (3/8″ / 1cm wide) & 1.10m x Elastic (1″ / 2.5cm wide)

My measurements:

Bust: 34.5″ Waist: 30″ Hips: 41″
Cut Size: 12 bust graded to a 16 waist

Date: 5th & 10th March

I was going on holiday in June and thought I would make a couple of holiday rompers / dresses to take away with me. I wanted something quite simple and quick to make because I would only where them abroad.

I had a look at a number of patterns but the newlook 6291 looked the easiest and I also liked the jumpsuit, maybe a project for the future, a night out outfit!!

I decided to make the romper first but I didn’t want to use ribbon for the straps or the waist ties so I chose to use the same material for the straps and omit the waist ribbon completely.

For the straps I cut out 2 strips at 3cm wide x 90cm long and folded in half (3cm x 45cm) stitched down the two sides using a 1/2cm S.A. I now had two strips at 2cm x 45cm. When I wore it on holiday I never used the straps anyway so I will leave those off next time.

The construction was easy enough apart from the shorts description, I was confused. I followed the instructions, sewing the fronts and backs together at the side seams and crotch, well I thought I had, when I removed them from the sewing machine and held them up I couldn’t work out why they were not hanging correctly. They were all twisted and then I realised that the back of the shorts were upside down (crotch at the waistline) Doh!!!! Seam ripper was my best friend. I unpicked them and carefully sewed them together again 🙂 I will definitely construct the shorts differently next time.

The elastic was a bit of a struggle to get through but I didn’t have an elastic guide, glide threader (mouthful!!) and I did sew the bias binding a little tight.

I added pockets to both the romper & dress. For the hem I thought I would turn under twice and top stitch because they are only for the beach.

I thought I didn’t like the romper on me at all so I just wore it around the villa but while I was relaxing in the sun I thought I would turn up the shorts a little so I didn’t get stupid tan lines. When I went back in I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I was surprised how much of a difference it made, much  better, I liked the romper again and wore it to the beach. 🙂

Dress was a lot easier but I did learn a lot from sewing the romper!!

Notes for next time:

  • Overlock all seams before constructing the shorts
  • leave off the straps
  • Shorten the shorts – too long
  • Stitch the two fronts and two backs together then sew side seams
  • Sew closer to the raw edge of the bias binding rather than in the fold
  • Higher the waist line by about 2″
  • Use a lighter weight fabric (lawn, linen, crepe de chine), was too hot!!

I would make them again with the above amendments.

Happy sewing everyone!!


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