Plans for 2017!

Now that I have been sewing for just over a year I have decided to look back at my makes and plan for 2017. I have a long list of patterns that I would like to make but I have realised that having an extensive list (I love my lists) doesn’t help me to focus in the sewing world.

With everything I have learnt over the past year and looking at my long list I have tried to be mindful of what I would like my wardrobe to look like & what I am lacking.
Now that I know that I fall into the ‘pear shaped’ category I am looking for patterns that suit this body shape, which ‘The fold line’ website has been helpful with.

So looking at my current sewing skills, body shape, wardrobe preferences, what I am missing and what new skills I would like to learn I have created my #2017makenine.

I hope this will help me to focus in 2017, I have wrote out the same list in my phone and sewing room notebook so it doesn’t matter where I am I will know what I need or if I see something while I’m out shopping I will have all the details I need (List = Organisation=my perfect world).

I have been online and purchased a lot of the notions already to avoid the same hurdles I had this year which was wanting to sew a particular pattern to realise that I didn’t have all the notions I needed. 😦


1. #bellalacepanties from @evielaluvediy

2. #pussybowblouse from @simplesewpatterns

3. #driftlesscardigan from @grainlinestudio

4. #emerydress from @christinehaynes

5. #carolynpajamas from @closetcase.patterns

6. #Taniaculottes from @megannielsenpatterns

7. #Bettydress from @sewoveritlondon

8. #sewingmarigold from @tillybuttons

9. #vintageshirtdress from @sewoveritlondon



2 thoughts on “Plans for 2017!

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Jodie, I am at the very beginning of this journey myself! My Aunt is a seamstress and she’s going to teach me how to make my own clothes. I made a dress with her help, also made out of curtain fabric! I will be interested to see what you get up to this year! 😊

    • Jodie Laura says:

      Oh how exciting Andrea, you will have so much joy and proud moments with a big smile on your face. Don’t get me wrong you will likely have a few frustrating moments but plough through, if need be walk away, have a cup of tea and then go back to it. It will be worth it. My partner only said to me yesterday “wow you sewed that quick, considering it used to take you days to cut and sew something” (3 & 1/2 hours to cut and sew the coco jumper) I surprised myself. I am enjoying it a lot more now than I was 8 months ago. I hope you get the same enjoyment out of your sewing like I have. I will be posting my makes on instagram, great community for advise, support and inspiration. I hope to keep up with my blog along the way too. All the best. Speak soon x

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