My Makes 2016!

I started to learn to sew my own clothes at the end of 2015 where I made my first dress!! whoop!!

Dec 2015 – Garment # 1

(Sorry about the picture quality.)

This is ‘The Daisy Dress’ by Eliza m sew inspired by the 1950’s.

This is a beginner pattern which I thought was quite easy to follow but I did make this dress at a sewing course (10 weeks) I did make a number of toiles to ensure I got the right fit.

I chose a fabric from Dunelm that was in the curtain section but I loved the colour, perfect for Christmas, but the fabric was quite a loose weave so I don’t think it would last too long with regular wear. The fit was good apart from it was a bit tight around the back of my arms but for my first garment I was over the moon with it.